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1. About this Community –
It is a community of Assam Current Affairs and it formed by contribution & submission of important current affairs post by its members. As Assam Current Affairs is difficult to get available in the market so it is developed with an idea that everyone gets help & benefit from it, related to the important upcoming exams of Assam Government as APSC, Assam Secretariat for the year (2017-18) etc. 
2. Why it is Password Protected?
This community is developed by team work focusing on all important probable assam current affairs questions coming in the examination. Here everyone wants to break into the job industry and so these important notes prepared by all members are kept private.
3.Can i Join this Community?
Yes,it is accessible to everyone for Free but to get registered you have to contribute at-least minimum one Current affairs Content to get all its features unlock. (You can submit more if you want but at-least one post required).
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Just Submit a Current Affairs Content, only related to Assam in the given form below. After successfully submission of the content we will review your content and if it is well and good then we will send you a unique password for all different users to your registered email to get unlock all its features.
Note: Irrelevant content & topics will be not be approved. 
5.Topics that I can Submit.

Socio-Economic issues of Assam,Education and Health related issues,issues or policies affecting government sections giving importance to political issues related to our Constitution,Legislative and Administrative process, Sports, Arts and Science etc .(NoteOnly related to Assam and topics on the date From 1st Nov,2017 to 30th Nov,2017 are accepted now).
6.How to Write & Find Content?
You can find Content by reading Back issues or previous Date Daily Newspapers of Assam.(Tips
Assam Tribune will be a good source, Visit Here).

  • Keep the Title Short & Brief (Don’t write it very Lengthy).
  • Write it in such a way that Everyone can Read and Understand.
  • Write the content only in English.
  • Add Key Points and Important Notes.
  • If Possible Write the Content in Point wise which will be Easy to Understand and Good to Memories.
  • Try to Write atleast Minimum 100 words or else submit 3 to 4 current affairs in brief.

Example of a Content that to be submitted.

ISRO to set up Research Centre in Guwahati
On 5th October 2017, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) announced the setting up of a research centre for startups, academicians, environmentalists and entrepreneurs, in Guwahati, Assam.
Key Points:-

ISRO Research Centre in Guwahati:
i. The decision of setting up ISRO research centre at Guwahati was taken at a meeting between Assam Chief Minister SarbanandaSonowal and ISRO Chairman Dr.A.S.Kiran Kumar on 5thOctober 2017.
ii. This is the first time ISRO is setting up an exclusive research facility in Assam. Assam government would provide land to the ISRO free of cost for the research centre.

Example of a Content How it will be Protected 

Ligiribari declared Assam’s first model textile village – 31 Oct 2017 – Click Here

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