One Word Substitute MCQ

1. Animals who lives in herds are? (A) sociable (B) gregarious (C) carnivorous (D) social 2. An unexpected piece of good fortune is? (A) windfall (B) philanthrophy (C) benevolence (D)…

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Some Important Antonym MCQ

1. Antonym of FALLACIOUS is _____________? (A) Credit (B) Clean (C) Truthful (D) Dishonest 2. Antonym of FOREMOST is _____________? (A) Unimportant (B) Hindmost (C) Disposed (D) Mature 3. Antonym…

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Idioms And Phrases MCQ

1. “Chew the fat” means __________? (A) To action a task; to initiate work (B) To become silent; to stop talking (C) To take offense; to get worked up, aggravated,…

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