Boosting smart phone battery life by battery saver.

Boosting smart phone battery life by battery saver.Smartphone technology has come a long way as far as miniaturization of the hardware is concerned. The only area which needs massive improvement is the battery technology. If the battery life and size could be improved, many other gadgets and vehicles could become affordable, both monetary wise as well as physically. Electric car technology is clean, but they never became popular globally as the car is dragged down by its battery weight, small life and high charging time. Same is the issue with smartphone technology.

However, unlike cars, despite the drawbacks in the battery department, smartphones are flying off the shelves fast. The problem of battery juice drying up fast could be taken care of to a certain extent by enhancing its life by using appropriate battery saver Android apps.

Battery saver android apps to increase battery life – Top four:

GREENIFY: Greenify helps extend battery life by automating the hibernation process, rather than stopping the app. The benefit of this app is that it uses less battery for waking up a sleeping app than it does to restart an app you had stopped, or killed. With Greenify, you can hand pick lower priority apps that should take a nap.

GO BATTERY SAVER & POWER WIDGET: This polished and intuitive app has varying battery saving abilities. A simple tap lets you toggle preset modes for general, super and extreme power savings. You can also create your own custom mode. This widget determines which features you may want to enable or disable to extend the battery life. The optimise button cleans up unnecessary, resource-sucking processes and gives you an extra hour or more.

AVAST BATTERY SAVER: Although lacking some features compared to other apps, the all-in-one hub for power-saving settings of this app was appreciated by critics. Avast provides a quick and easy way to manage options like Wi-Fi, display brightness, sync and vibration. They might not sound like battery hogs on their own, but each one of them plays a small role in how much life you get from a single charge. It has four preset profiles (Home, Work, Night and Super-Saving Emergency Mode), which can be tailored to your liking.

DU BATTERY SAVER & PHONE CHARGER: This app also lets users dig in and see which apps are more battery munchers, or which can be suspended without impacting performance. The standout features include user-defined modes, multiple home screen widgets and lock screen integration.

Use one for your smartphone to increase your battery life.

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