Assam Gk -Test Set 33 (Culture of Assam, MCQ)

31. Dainie Puja is celebrated by
(A) Mishings
(B) Barmans
(C) Karbis
(D) Rabhas

Answer: (B) Barmans

32. Bagrurumba is performed by
(A) Mishings
(B) Bodos
(C) Karbis
(D) Rabhas

Answer: (B) Bodos

33. Wangla is the main festival of
(A) Mishings
(B) Bodos
(C) Karbis
(D) Garos

Answer: (D) Garos

34. Deodhani dance a folk dance of Assam and is associated with the worship of
(A) snake goddess Manasa or Maroi
(B) goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning, Saraswati
(C) goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, Lakshmi
(D) warrior goddess , Durga and Kali

Answer: (A) snake goddess Manasa or Maroi

Culture of Assam, MCQ

35. Chamangkan festival is celebrated by
(A) deuris
(B) Bodos
(C) karbis
(D) Garos

Answer: (C) Karbis

36. Mishing peoples of Assam originally belong to _________________
(A) Australoid
(B) Mongoloid
(C) Austro-Austric
(D) Indo-Aryan
Answer : (B) Mongoloid
Mishings were earlier called Miris in historical days. MIRI is the ancient name and traces back to the ancestor ABO TANI.

37. Official Ali-A:yé-Lígang (Ali Aye Leegang) a traditional festival of Mishing people was first celebrated in_________
(A) Assam
(B) Arunachal Pradesh
(C) Sikkim
(D) Nagaland

Answer: (B) Oyan village of Arunachal Pradesh

Culture of Assam, MCQ

38. “Satsana Phi” is a folk religion of which tribe __________
(A) Mishings
(B) Tai Ahom
(C) Karbis
(D) Kachari

Answer : (B) Tai Ahom

39. Which is the Oldest Masjid in Assam?
(A) Poa Mecca in Hajo
(B) Panbari Masjid in ‎Dhubri district
(C) Ajan Pir Dargah in Sibsagar
(D) Bor Masjid in Jayantipur, Kaliabor
Answer : (B) Panbari Masjid in Dhubri District

The historic Panbari Masjid or Rangamati Masjid is a famous mosque in northeast India and is considered to be the oldest mosque in the Indian state of Assam. The mosque is situated on the National Highway 17, near Panbari and Rangamati, about 25 km east from Dhubri town. The mosque was believed to be built by administrator Alauddin Husain Shah in between 1493 and 1519 AD who was then the sultan of Bengal.
Content and Image Source – Wikipedia


Culture of Assam, MCQ

40. During which century did Muslim first came to Assam?
(A) 9th Century
(B) 11th Century
(C) 13th Century
(D) 14th Century

Answer: (C) The Muslims first came to Assam in the early 13th century, when Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji led an army to eastern India in 1205.


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    10. “Rongker” is a winter festival it observe in 5 Arkoi(5 January ) and 5 Thang-Thang(5 February).
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