Assam Gk -Test Set 33 (Culture of Assam, MCQ)

21. “Thamchat” is a written code which is referred to by the village elders while deciding of local nature and is possess by which tribe of the people_______________
(A) Deoris
(B) Sarania Kachari
(C) Tai Phake
(D) Tiwa

Answer : (C) Tai Phake

22. The Deori community belongs to the __________ family of Mongoloid stock
(A) Sino-Tibetan
(B) Tibetan
(C) Tibeto-Burmans
(D) Burmans

Answer : (A) Sino-Tibetan

Culture of Assam, MCQ

23. The people of Deori tribe are mainly divided into _________ groups or clans
(A) Three
(B) Four
(C) Five
(D) Six

Answer : (B) Four
The four groups or clans are namely-

  1. Dibongia
  2. Bor-geeya
  3. Tengaponiya
  4. Pator-goya

24. [ IBAKU BISU, METUWA (Two main festivals)], BIYA-LAGABA (marriage), MIDIMUMA (worships) are the religious and traditioanl festival of which community
(A) Tiwa
(B) Rabha
(C) Karbi
(D) Deori

Answer: (D) Deori

Culture of Assam, MCQ

25. Which traditional festival is also known as Nara Singha Bihu?
(A) Ali- Aye- Ligang
(B) Porag
(C) Baguramba
(D) Baishagu

Answer: (B) Porag is a five-days long post-harvest festival observed by the Mishings of Assam.

26. Haidang are the traditioanl folk songs of which tribe?
(A) Rabhas
(B) Bodos
(C) Tiwas
(D) Sonowal Kachari
Answer: (D) Sonowal Kachari

27. Farkhanthi is celebrated by which tribe ?
(A) Mishings
(B) Bodos
(C) Karbis
(D) Rabhas

Answer : (D) Rabhas

28. “Suwaguritola” is a custom connected with
(A) Durgapuja festival
(B) Assamese Bihu
(C) Assamese Marriage
(D) Assamese Ankiya Bhaona

Answer: (C) Assamese Marriage

29. Baikhu festival is celebrated by which tribe
(A) Bodos
(B) Karbis
(C) Rabhas
(D) Garos
Answer: (C) Rabhas

Culture of Assam, MCQ

30. Kherai Puja is performed by
(A) Mishings
(B) Bodos
(C) Karbis
(D) Rabhas

Answer : (B) Bodos

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