Assam Gk -Test Set 33 (Culture of Assam, MCQ)

11. “Jambili Athon” is an extraordinary woodcraft of the of which tribe
(A) Karbi
(B) Dimasa
(C) Tea Tribes
(D) Tai Phake

Answer : (A) Karbi
Jambili Athon is an extraordinary woodcraft of the Karbis.It consists of a central axis and a whorl of four branches, all with beautiful carvings on it and the apices are perched with different species of birds.

Jambili Athon

12. “Chutiya people” are the descendants of the __________ family of Mongoloid origin.
(A) Tibetan
(B) Tibeto-Burmans
(C) Tai
(D) Burmans
(E) Sino-Tibetan

Answer : (E) Sino-Tibetan
Chutiya name originated to determine the people of “mountain top

Culture of Assam, MCQ

13. The original language of the Chutiyas which is known by the same name i.e. Chutiya.belong to the ___________
(A) Tibeto-Burman language
(B) Tibetan
(C) Indo-Aryan languages
(D) Indo-Iranian languages

Answer: (A) Tibeto-Burman language
(The Chutiya language is no longer spoken, but it is well preserved by the Deuri people or the priestly section of the group).
Some historians thinks Chutiya language had evolved from Sinchuan province of China with an ancient Chinese script.

14. Kalita is an ethnic group or a caste of Hindus belong to ____________
(A) Brahmins
(B) Kshatriya
(C) Vaishyas
(D) Shudras

Answer: (B) Kshatriya

Culture of Assam, MCQ

15. Jalia Kaibarta (Keot) originally belong to _________________
(A) Sino-Tibetan
(B) Mongoloid
(C) Austric-Mongoloid
(D) Indo-Aryan

Answer : (C) Austric-Mongoloid
The Kaibartta and Keot originally belong to the Austric-Mongoloid stock mixed with various ethnic Mongoloid groups while the Doms or Nadiyals are actually Dravidians mixed with ethnic Mongoloid groups.
The Kaibartta/Kaivartta of Assam are predominantly present in Lower Assam and they differ from the Doms or Nadiyals of Upper Assam.

16. “Lo Ho La Hai” and “Lali Hilali Lai” are the two types of traditional songs of _____________
(A) Sonowal–Kacharis
(B) Rabha
(C) Karbi
(D) Tiwa
Answer: (D) Tiwa (They were known as Lalungs in the Assamese Buranjis)

1) Lo Ho La Hai – songs of the ceremony of name giving, wedding and harvesting etc.

2) Lali Hilali Lai– song of marriage ceremony, Karam and such other festivals.

17. “Tora Chira” is a traditional festival of _____________
(A) Deoris
(B) Thengal-Kachari
(C) Rabha
(D) Karbi

Answer : (B) Thengal-Kachari

18. “Bah Gossain Puja” (Bamboo God) is the most important festival of _______
(A) Deoris
(B) Sarania Kachari
(C) Tai Phake
(D) Tiwa

Answer : (B) Sarania Kachari

19. In which tribe the traditional village headman, who is at the top of the village administration, is called as “Khunang” who is having both executive and judiciary powers.
(A) Deoris
(B) Rabha
(C) Dimasa
(D) Karbi
Answer : (C) Dimasa

Culture of Assam, MCQ

20. “Bushu” is an important festival celebrated by _______
(A) Deoris
(B) Sarania Kachari
(C) Rabha
(D) Dimasa

Answer : (D) Dimasa
Bushu is celebrated after completion of harvest is a celebration of great pomp and splenduor among the Dimasa.
Bushu, the word gives the meaning such as Brai-Sibrai is a supreme God in Dimasa society. The entire harvesting new paddy is offered first to the Brai sibrai madai for peace of the human kind is called Bushu.

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