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Assam Gk-Test Set 20

1.The Soti Joymoti Divas is observe on
(A) 14th February
(B) 27th March
(C) 3rd April
(D) 28th April

Ans: (B)

2. The “Assam Medical College” was established in the year
(A) 1945
(B) 1947
(C) 1949
(D) 1955

Ans: (B)

3.During whose regin, chinese traveler Hsuan-tsang visited Assam
(A) Nara Narayan
(B) Bhaskar Varman
(C) Susthita Varman
(D) Rudra Singha

Ans: (B)

4. The “Me-Dam-Me-Phi” festival is celebrated by
(A) Bodos
(B) Ahoms
(C) Rabhas
(D) Tiwa

Ans: (B)

5.Which Swargadeo shifted the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from Garhgaon to Rangpur
(A) Gadadhar Singha
(B) Sukhrangpha
(C) Siva Singha
(D) Rudra Singha

Ans: (D)

6. The first modern Assamese theatre hall ‘Baan theatre’ established at Tezpur in the year
(A) 1899
(B) 1903
(C) 1906
(D) 1909
Ans: (C)

7.Which one is the first film where Bhupen Hazarika sings as playback singer
(A) Jyotimoti
(B) Siraj
(C) Indramalati
(D) Pioli Phukan

Ans: (C)

8. Which one is the first mobile theatre of Assam
(A) Nataraj Theatre
(B) Hangul Theatre
(C) Kohinoor Theatre
(D) Abahan Theatre

Ans: (A)
The first mobile theatre group of Assam was established in 1963. It was Nataraj theatre founded by veteran   theatre organiser Achyut Lahkar.

9.Who wrote the book ‘Bhakti Ratnavali’
(A) Sankardev
(B) Madhava Kandali
(C) Madhavdev
(D) Hema Saraswati
Ans: (C)

10.Name the Mughal General who took possession of the Ahom Capital Gahrgaon in 1662
(a) Murshid Quli Khan
(b) Islam Khan
(c) Shaista Khan
(d) Mir Jumla

Ans: (d)

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    1. Thanks for Pointing the Mistake.

  1. I thnk first moblie theater is kohinor thheater

    1. The Kohinoor Theatre ( mobile theatre) of Assam was founded by Sri Ratan Lahkar in 1976 so it is not the first mobile theater.

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