Assam Gk-Test Set 19

1.The Itakhulir Rann was fought against Mughal during the reign of
(A) Siba Singha
(B) Rudra Singha
(C) Gadadhar Singha
(D) Pramatta Singha

Ans: (C)

2.In which year, the Assamese novel Miri Jiyori was published
(A) 1888
(B) 1894
(C) 1901
(D) 1903

Ans: (B)

3.Which one is the first film directed by Bhupen Hazarika
(A) Era Bator Sur
(B) Shakuntala Sur
(C) Chik Mik Bijuli
(D) Pratidhwani

Ans: (A)

4. Who was the first American missionary to compile a dictionary of the Assamese language
(A) Miles Bronson
(B) Nathan Brown
(C) Oliver Cutter
(D) Alexander Duff

Ans: (A)

5.Which Ahom king is also known as ‘Bamuni Konwar’
(A) Sutuphaa
(B) Sudangphaa
(C) Susenphaa
(D) Suphakphaa

Ans: (B)

6.Who was the first secretary of the Oxomiya Bhaxa Unnati Xadhini Xobha
(A) Benudhar Rajkhowa
(B) Shivaram Sarma Bordoloi
(C) Lakshiprasad Chaliha
(D) Lakhyeswar Sarma

Ans: (B)

7.Who was the founder editor of the Assamese magazine ‘Prantik’
(A) Pradeep Baruah
(B) Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya
(C) Homen Borgohain
(D) Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Ans: (D)

8.Sobha Brahma was associated with
(A) Theatre
(B) Fine Arts
(C) Music
(D) Football

Ans: (B)

9.Which Ahom king created the ‘Borbarua’ and ‘Borphukan’ post
(A) Pratap Singha
(B) Dihingia Raja
(C) Rajeswar Singha
(D) Lakshmi Singha

Ans: (A)

10.Who was the central figure of the Revolt of 1857 in Assam
(a) Kandarpeswar Singha
(b) Maniram Dewan
(c) Piyali Barua
(d) Bahadur Gaoburah

Ans: (b)

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  1. In Question number 2 it should be bhanumoti instead of miri jiyori
    As we know bhanumoti was the first assamese novel

    1. Thanks for pointing the mistake and yes you are correct. So i modified the question, actually wikipedia has also got lot of mistakes ,the source to the content was in the link which was wrongly written and for that i got confused, thanks again to point me out the mistake.

  2. Collection of Question is very nice👍👍👍

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