Assam Current Affairs – September 2017

Assam Current Affairs – September 2017

Assam govt signs MoU with Google to increase digital literacy
Assam government has signed a MoU with Google India Pvt. Ltd. to increase digital literacy and takeInternet connectivity to the remotest part of the north-eastern state.
Key Points:

i. Under this MoU the government would work to provide Internet connections to 26,000 villages and 1,500 tea garden areas in Assam.
ii. Information Technology Secretary Nitin Khare and Google India Country Head (Policy) Chetan Krishnaswami has signed the Memorandum of Understanding.
iii. The MoU will be used as a launch pad to achieve the state government’s vision of women empowerment, skill development, and universal education.

Assam enacts Industrial Disputes (Assam Amendment) Bill 2017
On 7th September 2017, Assam passed the Industrial Disputes (Assam Amendment) Bill, 2017, regarding lay off of employees, in Guwahati.
Industrial Disputes Assam Amendment Bill, 2017:
i. The law enables employers to lay off up to 300 employees without prior permission from the government.
ii. The employee count has been increased from 100 to 300.
iii. The law is said to increase the ease of doing business. As, employers are hesitant to recruit more number of employees because when the employee count increases more than 100, there would be problems during lay off.

Assam to provide skill training to 30,000 surrendered militants
On 11th September 2017, Assam government announced that it would provide skill development training to 30,000 surrendered militants.
About the skill development training:
i. Mission Director of Assam Skill Development, Mr.A.P.Tiwari said that the skill development training would be given to 30,000 surrendered militants and jail inmates, during an AIR (All India Radio) talk show.
ii. He said that the Assam Skill Development Mission would provide skill training in 40 sectors.
iii. The training would start by the end of September, 2017.

Assam government passes PRANAM Bill – Employees who dump parents will lose part salary
On 15th September ,2017, The Assam state Assembly passed PRANAM(Parental Responsibility And Norms for Accountability and Monitoring ) bill that makes it mandatory for state government employees to take care of their parents and needy siblings or face a cut in their income.Assam is the first state to approve such a legislation. Finance Minister HimantaBiswaSarma introduced the bill. The bill was backed by all the ruling and opposition MLAs.

Highlights :-
i. The Bill will ensure that all government employees look after their dependentsincluding parents and divyangs(Persons with disability).
ii. The parents or needy siblings who feel neglected can lodge complaints with the head of the department of the person who, after hearing both sides, may deduct 10-15 percent of the salary of the employee and give it to the parents for their survival.

Assam govt sets up DBT cell for implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer scheme
In Assam, the state govt. has set up a Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)
Cell for implementation of DBT across schemes in the Country. It helps in coordinating efforts at the State Level in taking the DBT initiative forward with immediate effect.
Key Points:
i. The Cell will Coordinate with Central Ministries & circulate the directives to the respective Departments in States.
ii. It will closely monitor & evaluate the progress of various Departments on DBT related indicators.
iii. The cell will play a key role in finding possibilities of using various technologies in order to provide better service delivery in the state.

Assam to upgrade employment exchanges to Modern Career Centres
Assam government will upgrade employment exchanges to Modern Career Centres announced on 6th of Sep. 2017

Key Points:
i.A pilot project of two district employment exchanges in Guwahati and Jorhat will be upgraded as modern career centres.
ii.All modern facilities including counselling will be provided at the proposed career centres.

NITI Aayog and Government of Assam organises workshop on health sector reforms in Guwahati; launches SATH
On 22nd September 2017, The Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Assam and NITI Aayog organised a health sector reforms workshop, in Guwahati.
Workshop on health sector reforms:
i. SATH- Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital Programme was launched in this occasion.
ii. This programme is a joint initiative of Government of Assam and NITI Aayog.
iii. It would identify the health priorities of people in Assam and implement required solutions.
iv. NITIAayog selected has three states for this programme: Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

World’s tallest bamboo ‘MaaDurga’ idol
On 26th September 2017, Artists constructed a 100 feet bamboo idol of Goddess Durga, world’s tallest bamboo idol, in Guwahati, Assam.
World’s tallest bamboo idol:
i. The idol has been constructed for the Durga Puja festival that is observed from 26th to 30th September 2017.
ii. It aims to break the Guinness World Records for the tallest bamboo sculpture.
iii. 5,000 bamboo poles have been used to make the idol.

Assam for first time extends AFSPA orders on its own.
On September 1,2017,Assam Government has extended term of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), 1958 and declared entire state a Disturbed Area for six more months under section 3 of AFSPA act.This is for first time state government has extended AFSPA and Disturbed Area provision on its own. In the past, AFSPA provisions in state were always extended by the centre. A notification issued by the state home department said that while the law and order situation had continued to be a matter of concern due to violent incidents carried out by the underground groups, as many as 16 incidents involving these groups had taken place between May and July.
These incidents had resulted in deaths of two civilians, one security personnel and four militants. The whole state was in unrest.

President Ram NathKovind appoints JagdishMukhi new Governor of Assam
JagdishMukhi – He was previously the Governor of Andaman &Nicabar islands. He administered various departments in Delhi Government like Finance, Excise & Taxation and Higher Education. He led the Opposition in Delhi Assembly.

Veteran journalist, DainikAsam editor RM Bhagawati dies at 84
Radhika Mohan Bhagawati, veteran Guwahati-based journalist and editor of DainikAsam, oldest Assamese daily newspaper had passed away. He was 84.
Key Points:
i. He was born at Jamugurihat in Sonitpur district on January 19, 1933.
ii. Bhagawati had started his career as a journalist in 1958 as a sub-editor in the now defunct Assamese daily NatunAsamiya and later rose to be its editor.
iii. Bhagawati was also chairman of Media Trust, successor to the Committee for Celebration of 150 Years of Journalism in Assam.


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