APSC question paper 2007 (General Studies-Prelims-Solved)

41. Which of the following is the odd one that does not belong to the group of other three?
a) America Online
b) AltaVista
c) Excite
d) Vivisimo

Answer: a (America Online).

42. Which component of the DPT vaccine for children was changed in the last few years?
a) Diptheria
b) Perthussis
c) Tetanus
d) There has been no change in any of the components.

Answer: b (Perthussis)

43. One of the most important macro-elements that must be added in large quantities to fields in order to maximize crop yields is
a) iron
b) nitrogen
c) phosphorus
d) sulfur

Answer: b (Nitrogen)

44. In 1887, a German scientist created the world’s first synthetic drug and the modern pharmaceutical industry was born. The first drug still in use is
a) acetylsalicylic acid
b) fatty acid
c) carbonic acid
d) clavulanic acid

Answer: a (acetylsalicylic acid)

45. The term Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIM) is related to

Answer: b (GATT).

46. Which of the following is not a merchant banking company?
a) SBI Caps
b) UTI
c) Morgan Stanley
d) Merrill Lynch

Answer: b (UTI). Unit Trust of India

47. The IC’s chip in computers is made up of
a) chromium
b) silicon
c) nickel
d) iron oxide

Answer: b (Silicon).

48. Which of the following is not a cause of inflation?
a) Rapid growth of costly imports
b) Slow growth in population
c) Slow growth of agricultural output
d) Slow growth output of individual
Answer: b (Slow growth in population)

49. The ex-officio Chairman of the planning commission of India is
a) the Governor of Reserve Bank
b) the Finance Minister
c) The Price Minister
d) the President

Answer: c (Prime Minister)

50. ICCR stands for
a) Indian council for cultural relations
b) International Center for Criminal Rehabilitation
c) Indian Chamber for Commerce and Revenue
d) International Council for Cultural Relations

Answer: a. Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR)

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  1. 71. Sarojini Naidu was the first woman president of Indian National Congress in the year 1925.

    1. First Indian woman President of Indian National Congress was Sarojini Naidu but first woman president of Indian National Congress was Annie Besant.

  2. I think Answer of the Q No. 87 should be Hydrogen Sulphide.

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