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APSC Books

There are plenty of Books which are available , but the choice of the right Books while preparing for any Assam Government Exam is most important as some of them are not accurate or not containing the exact Content and usually Aspirants get confused while comparing with other books available on certain topic which aspirants need and so before picking the books you can read my personal opinion and review on these books. Apsc Books

Here I have listed out below some of the important and recommended APSC books having good reviews from toppers which have helped them to achieve their success. And for you just picking up the right book and keeping them in your bookshelf will not achieve your success. To that,  for making your life colourful and earning respect and dignity, definitely hard work is utmost required, so set your goal, make your timetable and start preparing for your exams before it is too late for you to realise it. Simultaneously you also check the Previous year APSC question papers and Other  Important Assam Government Examination Question Papers to boost your strategy. APSC books

Although i have listed out below the most important static books which are chosen by toppers to crack their Exam whether ACS/APS/IAS/IPS/Banking/ Any State Government Exams, but my personal strategy would be also to study dynamically as there are plenty of resources available on the internet, but this is not for the last minute preparation. For Current Affairs Polity and Current Events, I would recommend you to read The Hindu Newspaper & Assam Tribune Daily and pick out the important points and note down it in your notebook. Also, I will suggest you to buy a good monthly Magazine and the most important is to digest the NCERT Books from Class 6-10 and for Class 11-12 in a selective manner.

Here is the list below for some of the Important books but pick it out selectively based on your needs but before picking them out I will like you to read my personal opinion on these books.

1. Free Books for Assam Government Exam in Pdf – Click here

2. Get APSC Books

Indian Polity APSC Books

1. Indian Polity 5th Edition – by M Laxmikanth

Indian History APSC Books

1. India Since Independence – by Bipan Chandra

2. History of Modern India – Bipan Chandra

3. Spectrum’s – A Brief History Of Modern India – by Rajiv Ahir

4. India’s Struggle for Independence – by Bipan Chandra

Assam History APSC Books

1. Assam: From Yandabo to Partition – by Priyam Goswami

2. A Comprehensive History Of Assam – by  S. L. Baruah

3. History of Assam – by Sir Edward Gait

Indian Economy APSC Books

1. The Indian Economy – by Sanjiv Verma( New Edition)

Indian Culture APSC Books

1. Indian Art and Culture – by Nitin Singhania

Environmental Studies

1. Environmental Studies – by R. Rajagopalan

Geography APSC Books

1. Geography of India – by Majid Husain

2. Certificate Physical And Human Geography – by Goh Cheng Leong

3. Oxford School Atlas

4. The Orient BlackSwan Atlas

General Knowledge

1. India 2019

2. Lucent’s General Knowledge

3. General Knowledge 2020 – by Manohar Pandey 

4. Manorama Yearbook 2019

5. General Knowledge 2020 (Pocket Book) – by Manohar Pandey

General English

1. Word Power Made Easy Paperback – by Norman Lewis

2. How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT – by Arun Sharma

3. English is Easy – by Chetananand Singh

4. English for General Competitions ( New Edition) – by Neetu Singh

5. English for General Competitions: from Plinth to Paramount – by Neetu Singh

6. Objective General English Paperback – by S.P. Bakshi

7. A Mirror Of Common Errors – by Dr Ashok  Kumar Singh

8. High School English Grammar & Composition (Wren & Martin)

Reasoning APSC Books

1. A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal – by B.S. Sijwalii

2. A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning – by R.S Aggarwal

3. How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT  – by Arun Sharma

4. Magical Book On Puzzles  – by K. Kundan

5. Analytical Reasoning  – by M. K. Pandey 

Quantitative Aptitude

1. Quantitative Aptitude Quantum Cat 2018 – by Sarvesh K. Verma

2. Quantitative Aptitude – by R S Aggarwal

3. Quantitative Aptitude  – by Abhijit Guha

4. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT – 2018 – by Arun Sharma

General Studies Paper for Civil Service

1. Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude – by Niraj Kumar

2. General Studies Paper I 2019

Books on Previous Question Papers

1. IAS General Studies Preliminary Topic-wise Solved Papers (Paper I and II)

Personal Opinion by Author of AssamGk.Com for APSC Exam

After analysing certain books, my personal choice and review of the books for General Studies while preparing Assam Public Service Commission Exam based on the current syllabus will be as follows:

1.For Polity:

    • Indian Polity by LAXMIKANT (It is a must and you can call it as a handbook for the polity, very easy to study and also written in brief. Almost 70-80 % questions for polity will come from this book and I will definitely recommend to every aspirant and at least 2-3 revision is compulsory for this book, just eat it, drink it or whatever you can do just go for it and have it from any source.
    • Can also go for NCERT Books from Class (6- 12)
  • For Current Affairs Polity I would like you to read The Hindu Newspaper & Assam Tribune Daily and prepare notes from them by picking the important points such as policies affecting government sections, issues relating to Indian Constitution, Legislative and Administrative Processes and also issues relating on national and international importance but don’t go for political matters as if they are unworthy from the exam point of view.

2. For History APSC Books

    • For Ancient History and Medieval History I will suggest, better to go for NCERT Books from Class 6-10 with some good youtube videos and for Modern History along with NCERT Books I Suggest to pick the book named “History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra” and also Spectrum’s A Brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir. Book by Bipan Chandra is written in details and is basically required for mains but for prelims “Spectrum’s Book by Rajiv Abiv” is must and also is written in brief and pointwise along with some good Youtube Videos and other than that no other materials are required to follow from the exam point of view.
  • For Assam History Book by Sir Edward Gait named as “History of Assam” is must but it is very boring as it is written just like a novel so my strategy will be to study dynamically by doing google search on the content and prepare notes on them and indirectly maximum source will be the works of Sir Edward Gait.

3. For Economy APSC Books

  • For Economic Survey always study the latest Edition India 2019 will be a good one published by Government of India and is very very important from Exam point of view as questions are seen to ask very frequently in prelims as well as in mains and are also important for Interview.

4. For Geography APSC Books

  • Both the book “Geography of India – by Majid Husain” and “Certificate Physical And Human Geography – by Goh Cheng Leong” are a good one and aspirants can pick anyone from these two. In the book by Goh Cheng Leong all the topics are well written especially the physical geography part, it makes your theoretical background strong and is also very important from exam point of view. But I think this book needs an update as some contents are obsolete, whereas as the theoretical knowledge will be the same so this book is very good and many civil service aspirants use to pick and recommend it. Comparing with the book by Majid Husain, this book is updated and all the topics are covered and also the Indian Geography part is well written and so I will like to pick this book. For Physical Geography part you can also go through Class 11 NCERT book and for Indian Geography part Class 12 NCERT Book. Other than this an Atlas is must to make your base strong and obviously without going through Youtube videos, you will find geography a very boring and so Youtube Videos are must for clearing your doubts and will also make this subject very interesting.

5. For Art and Culture APSC Books

  • For Art and Culture a book named “Indian Art and Culture – by Nitin Singhania” is a very good one as it covers all the important aspects of Indian Art and Culture and is more than enough for exam purpose. But for Assam Culture more Study is required and so I suggest to do a google search and prepare notes on them.

6. For Environmental & Ecology

For Environmental Studies I personally like to study dynamically along-with the book named Environmental Studies – by R. Rajagopalan as it covers all the basics of the environment, climate change, ecology and biodiversity in a very clear manner and easy to understand.

7. For General English APSC Books

  • For English, if you really want to make your vocabulary strong then I will suggest just go for the popular book name “Word Power Made Easy – by Norman Lewis”. It really makes a strong foundation on your vocabulary, makes you feel confident to speak English, which is very important from exam point of view as well as the interview. I will say you must read this book every day. Coming to the point for Comprehension and Grammer all the books listed above are a good one. Book by Arun Sharma is a good one, book by Neetu Singh is a good one and book by S.P. Bakshi is also a good one and so you can pick any one of them based on your needs. For Error correction book “A Mirror Of Common Errors – by Dr Ashok Kumar Singh” is a good one.

8. For Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude

    • For Reasoning and Aptitude, all the books listed above are important and good one but my personal choice for Aptitude will be a book by author Sarvesh K. Verma for Banking as well as for civil service exams. Don’t go for R.S Agarwal ( Although it is a good book) but because as of now the competition level is very high and the quality of the questions in R.S Agarwal is quite easy but is a good book for beginners and so I suggest to go for the book by Sarvesh K. Verma for Quantitative Aptitude and if I would have rated it then I will give 9 out of 10 .

So, these are all about some important books and suggestion which will be my personal strategy and here I want to add one more point that, many of will recommend you to take an All-in-one/Guidebook for General Studies paper, and so you can go for it but personally I will not recommend it, as reading those books you can’t find and build the concept and ultimately you have to do a google search and so for me, I will better prefer to choose and go for separate books instead of sticking to one.

Lastly for Prelims as it will be an objective based question and in case if you have less time to prepare then do smart study and for that I suggest you to take Lucent’s General Knowledge or you can also take Arihant’s General Knowledge 2020 and a book published by Government of India named as India 2019 in necessary which covers the Economic Survey part. Try to solve previous year question paper as much as you can and also try to memorise some important Assam General Knowledge MCQ. Time management is very important as you have to cover up your syllabus and revision is compulsory, if you are confused and stuck on a certain topic, then just skip that.

So my best wishes are always with you and hope you find your dream job.

Download below some Useful Notes and  APSC books in pdf 

(1) A History of Assam – By E.A Gait – Most Important PDF 

(2) Assam History Notes from A Chapter of a Book – 1 PDF 

(3) Assam History Note from A Chapter of a Book – 2 PDF 

(4) Assam History Note from ASSAM STATE GAZETTEER – 3 PDF 

(5) THE PARTITION OF BENGAL AND ASSAM, 1932–1947 – By Bidyut Chakrabarty PDF 



(8) NCERT Books – Most Important 

(9) India’s Struggle for Independence By Bipin Chandra PDF 

(10) Indian Polity by Laxmikant – Polity Book Download PDF 

APSC Books & Question Papers for CCE Prelims & Mains 2018

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