Some Important Antonym MCQ

1. Antonym of FALLACIOUS is _____________?
(A) Credit
(B) Clean
(C) Truthful
(D) Dishonest

Answer: (C) Truthful

2. Antonym of FOREMOST is _____________?
(A) Unimportant
(B) Hindmost
(C) Disposed
(D) Mature

Answer: (A) Unimportant

3. Antonym of QUIESCENT is _____________?
(A) Asleep
(B) Active
(C) Deactivated
(D) Fallow

Answer: (B) Active

4. Antonym of PHILISTINE is _____________?
(A) Smutty
(B) Uncultured
(C) Uncultured
(D) Cultured

Answer: (D) Cultured

5. Antonym of NIGGARDLY is _____________?
(A) Generous
(B) Chintzy
(C) Closefisted
(D) Skimpy

Answer: (A) Generous

6. Antonym of GARBLED is _____________?
(A) Slant
(B) Unscramble
(C) Obscure
(D) Pervert
Answer: (B) Unscramble

7. Antonym of SENILE is _____________?
(A) Doting
(B) Anile
(C) Alert
(D) Ancient

Answer: (C) Alert

8. Antonym of INORDINATE is _____________?
(A) Dizzying
(B) Wasteful
(C) Wanton
(D) Moderate

Answer: (D) Moderate

9. Antonym of LUCID is _____________?
(A) Evident
(B) Obvious
(C) Explicit
(D) Vague
Answer: (D) Vague

10. Antonym of INGEST is _____________?
(A) Disgorge
(B) Disrupt
(C) Absorb
(D) Devour

Answer: (A) Disgorge

11. Antonym of DEVIANT is _____________?
(A) Bent
(B) Devious
(C) Regular
(D) Atypical

Answer: (C) Regular

12. Antonym of DUCTILE is _____________?
(A) Docile
(B) Pliable
(C) Stiff
(D) Supple
Answer: (C) Stiff

13. Antonym of FRIVOLOUS is _____________?
(A) Trivial
(B) Silly
(C) Petty
(D) Wise

Answer: (C) Petty

14. Antonym of WEAN is _____________?
(A) Attach
(B) Detach
(C) Discourage
(D) Halt

Answer: (A) Attach

15. Antonym of PRODIGAL is _____________?
(A) Spendthrift
(B) Squandering
(C) Thrifty
(D) Wanton
Answer: (C) Thrifty

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